Garry Kasparov vs. Arnold Schwarzenegger


This is how I imagine the game might have went:

(Video contains "adult language")

I'd like to find a PGN record of their actual game, but if one exists, I haven't been able to find it.


I don´t now if Arnie plays chess at all but he surely doesn´t play chess on that level Cool


Arnold definitely plays chess, though I don't know how good he is. There are several pictures of him online playing chess with Kasparov and other people. There's even a vintage picture of him from his bodybuilding days playing chess with his friend, Franco Columbu:

Those are interesting chess pieces, and comically too large for the board. The pawn takes up the whole square, and the king is overhanging onto adjoining squares. He must like crowded boards, because every picture I can find of him playing chess is on a crowded board (Google image search for Arnold Schwarzenegger chess).


Arnie plays the Austrian Attack against the Pirc.

Bit surprised Gazza wouldn't go black.


Maxim your link redirects to brazzers.


Would watching Arnie beat Garry in a street fight be worse than watching Garry beat Arnie at chess?

Which one'd be a bigger a** kicking?

lolurspammed wrote:

Maxim your link redirects to brazzers.

I've posted 2 links, one to YouTube and one to a picture of Arnold playing chess decades ago. Neither of them redirect anywhere. If you are being redirected to "Brazzers", then the issue is with your PC. Either way, I've removed the link and embedded the image instead.


Im on mobile, but it's still strange.


Does anyone know if he has a account?  And what is it if yes?


Can't you guess? Or need I revive him one more time from the vat of molten steel?