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How old was Fischer when he got to NM livel?

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    ghenkis as i said its my take on it, not the correct view necessarily.

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    Capa_a, Fischer was right with his demands. Look at the first WCC in 1984/5 Karpov - Kasparov where draws were not counted. Karpov was tired at the end! Wink

    Of course FIDE in those days could not accept a new dictation of a world champion as it was in those days before World War II! Cool

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    Piratch, Yeah.  Kasparov sure used the drawing strategy to his advantage in that one - as a tool to wear out Karpov!  I wonder how this strategy would have worked against Fischer.

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    Fischer's greatest friend and worst enemy was himself, from day one of playing chess.

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    I think if we are going to review Fischer's life, one should concentrate on his chess abilities, achievements and contribution to chess knowledge and theory.  I think the greatest player that ever lived!

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    I would like to see Magnus v Fischer at his peak.

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    In "The Even More Complete Chess Addict " by Mike Fox and Richard James I found this letter to Fischer's mother, dated January 13, 1951, and you now can calculate how old he was at that time !

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    I guess he would have been almost eight at that time.

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    That letter is absolutely amazing RomyGer!!!!  Wow!! How did you get your hands on it!!!

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    What I wrote : from that book "beyond praise" by Fox and James ( still available second hand ).   I have exchanged my opening books for reference books, history books  and encyclopedia's and like it very much.   Meanwhile I could react on more forums !

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    It's worth noting that, when he did play Pavey in that simul, he lost in under 15 minutes.

    He then played him again in the mid 50's and lost again.

    Pavey was what, IM strength?


    I can't see a NM losing to an IM inside 15 minutes in a simul.


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