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IncrediBill vs zrylam (with kibitzers)

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    For 37...Bc3 my first impression is 38.Qa4 with the double attack for white.  I don't see any checks so you'll have to show me the tactic.

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    I don't know, it was suggested. However, 38.Qa4! is good...good for White. I take back my analysis - Qa4 already refutes it. It removes the perpetual. Best thing Black could do is to lose the dark squared bishop and play 38...Bd2 29.Rxd2 Qc3+

    Unless someone sees something else...

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    I should probably play Kf1 instead of Kh1, since both @wafflemaster and @ScaredEyes have shown that playing Kh1 will just result in black playing Qf3 followed by Qg4 and eventually forcing me over to the f1-square.  

    So I am just wondering if I should just move to the f1-square in the first place and save us all some moves??? 

    Of course,  maybe @zrylam might have some tricks up his sleeve and instead of playing Qf3 he might have some alternate strategy.  So maybe I should just go ahead and play Kh1 and give him the opportunity to execute his plans???

    So what should I do???  Kf1 to speed up the game, or Kh1 to see if @zrylam has an alternate strategy???

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    30.Kh1 Qf3+ 31.Kg1

    Does Black not have 31....Bc3?

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     kid_of_chess wrote:

    30.Kh1 Qf3+ 31.Kg1

    Does Black not have 31....Bc3?

     31...BC3 is an interesting idea, but it will not payoff for Black.  Here is why:

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    True. I calculated that very quickly in my head, and must've somehow missed 32.Bd4+.

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    Well...A plan against Kh1 may be Be5, trying to go for the weak h2 pawn, but Bd4 still stops that plan dead on its track, as long as it's immediate. Or Kg1 followed by Be5, and after White's Bd4 we have f4, a plan that has to be stopped since if g2 remains unprotected, f3-Qg2# or f3-Qh3-Qg2# if White tried to block the g file with Bxe5-. Maybe he wants his queen to be annoying in a different way. Maybe even going for the draw-after-50-moves-without-progress thingy.

    I still don't see a plan for Black with Kh1 except for perpetual. At the same time, Kf1 itself is dangerous. I'd say Kf1 - I never settle for a draw unless it really is one.

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    I am going to go ahead and move my King into the corner; instead of the f1-square in an effort to skip the game ahead (as per Post #186).  It is generally the best move to make, and it might be interesting to see if @zrylam has some interesting tactics up his sleeve for my King in the corner.

    Therefore, my official move is . . . . 30.Kh1

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    AAAAAAAAAAAAAA my analysis got lost! 


    edit: it happened again, I guess third time's the charm!

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    RE: Post #192

    Some very interesting lines you have posted there @stubborn_donkey, very insightful.  I was almost thinking that the game was getting to a point where niether player could start making aggressive moves and just have to play it safe.  But your lines showed that there could still be some real 'fire' left.  It will be interesting to see what direction the game actually takes.

    P.S.  Thanks for your hard work with your analysis and comments, especially since you had to try three times to get it posted.

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    My analysis is very flawed, so you guys can feel free to ignore it. I missed some better moves for both sides.

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    Ok I spent a bit of time on this and I think I may be able to convert a slight advantage if I play carefully. My move is 30. ...Qf4


    @stubborn_d0nkey I think 30. ...e3?! is met with 31. fxe! nullifying my attack but thanks for the analysis
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    Interesting move by @zrylam, not only because no one anticipated him moving to the f4-square, but because I assumed that he would continue to keep my King in check, until my King was chased out of the corner.

    It seems, now,  that I have a free turn to shift the pieces around a bit and see if I can gain an advantage.  But I have so many options as to what direction to take the game in.

    One option is to play 31.Be3 and attack his Queen.  Most likely he will respond with 31...Qf3 and proceed with chasing my King out of the corner.  However, once my King has been chased out, my Bishop will act as a barrier to prevent his Queen from continuing the pursuit.

    Another idea I have is to bring my Queen down to the third rank, say 31.Qa3, and prevent his Queen from moving to the f3-square and chasing my King out of the corner in the first place.  It will also prevent his Queen from being able to slide across the 3rd rank.

    Both options have their pros and cons, and there are a few others that I could consider as well.

    Decisions, decisions . . . but which one to make???

    The game is clearly coming to a major turning point.  I am going to have to consider my next move very carefully, because it is going to be a critical one and dictate how the rest of the game will play out.

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    My first two had Qf4.

    Bd4 looks interesting, getting the other bishop out of the way, however it still leaves black with the option for a perpetual check/pushing the king out.

    Be3 also leaves the possibility for perpetual check/queen out.

    However, Q?3 doesn't allow the checking.

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    Hi, I have been looking at Re3, is that any possibility. I am not so good in making these nice analysis board things to put in here. But when analyzing it, it looks ok, and lots of chances.

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    John_D wrote:

    Hi, I have been looking at Re3, is that any possibility. I am not so good in making these nice analysis board things to put in here. But when analyzing it, it looks ok, and lots of chances.

    As far as I can see, there is nothing wrong with Re3.  I tested some different lines with it, and it seems to work out fine . . . at least in the sense that the whole game doesn't come crashing down around my feet.  It is hard to predict exactly how each line would unfold, but for the most part, it would be an option to consider.

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    Sorry to take so long to make my move.  The game is at a critical turning point and I wanted to make sure that I made the best move possible to steer the game in the direction that I wanted it to go.

    The problem was that I had so many options to me as a starting point . . . 31.Be3, 31.Bd4, 31.Qa3, 31.Re3 . . . and then all of those moves had so many twists and turns, that I spent a lot of time trying to figure out which option was the best; and whether the moves I was assuming that @zrylam would make in response, even made sense.

    In the end I've decided to go with the old saying, "The shortest distance between two points is a straight line."  Instead of trying to figure out which move had the best alterior motive or hidden agenda, I've decided to play the move that was the most direct and would simplify the direction of the game.

    Therefore, my official move is . . . . . . . 31.Bd4


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    Hey. Sorry I haven't been here for a while, laptop is all-but-broken.

    Let's see what after Bd4...

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    That's if Black attacks the bishop immediately - an interesting play. There are many option, but the one I focussed (partly because I just love doing it) is Queen penetration, or, removing any doubled meanings, penetrating with the...penetrating the position with the queen. There, that's better.

    Now, if Black doesn't...that's a harder story. Possible because Black does not have to. I mean, following Bongcloud principles, K+B is a nice diagonal battery, isn't it?Winning the d-pawn comes into mind, so I'll focus on that.


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