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IncrediBill vs zrylam (with kibitzers)

  • #281

    Done and dusted, a few more moves for good measure:

    45. ...Kxe8

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    Even though I have no quam's about doing it, I really have no choice but to advance my b-pawn up one square for promotion to a Queen in order to give check at the same time.  If Black's King was not on the 8th-rank, then I would be in the tough spot that Black would then also be able to advance his e-pawn for promotion to a Queen.  As it turns out, the positions of the pieces work out in my favour, and Black will be forced to respond to my check instead of advaning his pawn.

    Therefore, my official move is . . . . . .  46.b8=Q+

    Black only has three squares that he can move his King to.  If he plays 46.Kd7 then I will respond with 47.Qb5+.  If he plays 46.Ke7 or 46.Kf7, then I will respond with 47.Qe5.  The objective of these various Queen moves is to set my Queen up in a position where I would be able to capture his advancing e-pawn and eliminate the threat of it becoming a Queen, or capture it immediately after its promotion.


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    Black's cooked, there's really no reason to continue. It's probably not interesting to the player's and it's also probably not interesting to the kibitzers/spectators. I'd rather skip all the running around and get to analysis.

    44...e2 was a nice try, but white found the correct response and black has nothing left to hope for.

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    In order to speed up the process of bringing the game to end with a Mate, @zrylam and I met online at the same time and made moves back and forth until the game was over.  In reality, Black would have resigned once White Queened, but out of curiosity, and to see how many moves the game would have went, and just so the game would end with a Mate, and etc, etc, etc . . . . . 

    Here is how the game played out from move #46 in Post #286


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    Got the chess.com analysis back, will ask Fritz tomorrow

  • #286

    You guys confused the analysis thingy

  • #287

    Here is the chess.com game analysis from White's perspective.

    See Post #289 if you want to see the game analysed from Black's perspective.



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