Puzzle #2



NOTE: There is actually a minor error in this puzzle.  There shouldn't be a pawn on b6.


nice ;) i actually got it on the first try... GREAT PUZZLE!
i got it on the first try too but it's a funny puzzle
Really nice puzzle.  Thanks for posting!

If the pawn on b6 is removed, two things happen: a. Qxc6 is more effective and b. Qxc6 is no longer the best move.



nice one!,. pls post more,.

just curious...

to likesforests: what do you mean by a. Qxc6 is more effective... then b. Qxc6 is no longer the best move?



Well, look at the end positions side by side. Which do you like more?  :)  


It's funny how a hanging pawn on b6 prevents this whole sequence. That's one of the things that's so magical about chess!


ok, so that pawn is curious...but i think 'my error' deserves some consideration

 i moved the queen to c6; the black rook did its thing.  i then grabbed the black rook and tossed it off the board (don't ask:) but it didn't come back..

 so when i restarted the puzzle my white rook was still gone and when i moved my queen up, the black rook just disappeared... is there algebraic notation for that??Tongue out


I don't get it