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Really Bad Sportsmanship in Real Tournaments

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    Haha. Those two kids. Now if you can't play nice now........ and: I will turn this car around right now!

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    I once met unsportsman-like conduct with the same in a match against a top seeded team in division 1 (we were division 3):

    Fourth board, the opposing team are all basically of the same strength minus the first board who was consistently stronger than anybody else. I had already lost to this guy twice during the season and was determined to beat him this time. Our board 5 was doing well, board 3 was about even, board 2 was winning and board 1 was losing, though not by much. About 3/4 of the way into the games I feel eyes on board 4 and notice that boards three and two were pretty much done; in their favor no less.


    His teammate, mr. board three made the comment "Oh come on, this should be an easy win." Uh-huh...well, I had a Rook, five pawns, two doubled on the d-file (white) and King in the center of the board. My Rook was on an open file facing a Bishop, Rook, and four pawns, all connected. It was my turn, check. He moved. Check, gunning for the stalemate, he couldn't move in the other direction as that would cause him huge amounts of trouble so I kept this up and eventually got his Bishop and two pawns but eventually made a mistake and gave him the tempo.

    Wasn't an easy game though was it! >:(

    I probably shouldn't resigned...but blame his team mate...the jerk. Darn Marion...

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    woodrow wrote:

    To MrDamonSmith: Yes, Korchnoi and Petrosian were bitter enemies. They DID kick each other under the table. The arbiter at one tournament had to put a board under the table that ran down to the floor so that they could not kick each other.

    plz provide some evidence.some trustworthy links to confirm it.i know they were bitter enemies in 70s but kick eachother under the table seems a little exaggeration.

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    tesla1 wrote:
    woodrow wrote:

    To MrDamonSmith: Yes, Korchnoi and Petrosian were bitter enemies. They DID kick each other under the table. The arbiter at one tournament had to put a board under the table that ran down to the floor so that they could not kick each other.

    plz provide some evidence.some trustworthy links to confirm it.i know they were bitter enemies in 70s but kick eachother under the table seems a little exaggeration.

    The best link I could find was this one, referring to the Candidates 1974:


    Looks like Petrosian accidentally kicked Korchnoi, then the story got exaggerated over the years.

    Josh Waitzkin talks about an opponent kicking him under the table hard and deliberately in one of his books. The opponent he refers to is currently a GM

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    Metaknight251 wrote:

    Okay, I've got a good story about this.  So about 1 year ago, I was 1600 USCF (now about 1850) and was competing in a tournament.  Last round, I'm paired against a middle aged Italian guy (1700) who seems nice enough.  A win for either of us will get us 5/6 and a chance for money.  The game starts of slow (a caro-kan) and I manage to get some advantage by attacking his uncastled king.  However, during his turn, I ask him for his name as I have forgotten to write it on the scoresheet.  He tells me that that is a disqualifiable offense as I am talking to him during his turn and am trying to distract him.  I assume he is joking and ignore him.  He begins a series of attacks that are all repelled.  He then gets up and leaves the board.  No problem, probably going to the bathroom right?  Wrong.  He does this twice more, the second time returning with the TD.  Our game is the last to finish, so I don't suspect anything.  Nevertheless, I ask if anything is wrong and the TD says no.  I win in a few minutes and the guy storms off without shaking my hand or signing the scoresheet.  My friends then walk up to me and tell me what the guy was actually doing.  He was going to the TD and claiming that I was cheating in some way because I was "not falling for any of his traps and not playing like a 1600 should".  I was apparently a "grandmaster from another country (India)" who was deliberately keeping their rating low so that I could win easy money.  I've never had someone do this before (never even heard of it being done), and all it did was give my friends and I something to laugh about and made the win all the sweeter.  So nothing came of it, but still the worst case of sportsmanship that I have experienced.   

    What an a-ole!Not playing like a 1600 should,seriously?Good thing you won.Can't stand such jerks.

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    I saw one national master lose a blitz game in a tournament. He then got so upset he challenged his opponent to a fight. It got so bad that the police were called in. On the way out, the player punched a hole in the wall of the lobby.

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    You guys should see Boris Becker vs Ivan Lendl in Wimbledon Tennis. It's like BB had an orgasm when Ivan hit the ball out.

    I hope this kind things should not happen in chess.

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    K here's three, one was mine.

    1) Was playing in a game 30 I believe many years ago.  No further time controls.  I was beating my first master if I'm not mistaken.  Time was low and the ending was pretty easy.  He started flipping out as he made his moves, hit the table very hard.  Pieces would flip over as he moved.  I picked them up and made my move.  It continued.  Both of us were low but I had enough time.  Finally, the TD came over and on my move I went to adjust the pieces again as they were incorrect.  He told me to play on.  Naturally, that position was a loss for me, the incorrect one.  I explained that it wasn't correct and he told us to play on, maybe with the intent of fixing it later?  Time was running and I stopped the clock to explain the situation.  Well that was that.  I guess no one can stop the clock but him.  We got double forfeited. 

    2) US amateur team.  I was playing the US women's champion at that time.  I got into a position down a piece but had a win, which I missed.  Anyways, the position was complicated and she just let her time run out.  I called flag and she didn't acknowledge it. She claimed that the clock was defective etc.  I explained that she supplied the clock and that the usual couple of mins was added as always to account for that (old days when we used analog clocks).  Another dimwitted TD came by and we had to go to some complaint committee nonsense.  Long story short, she was given 5 more mins in the position and clocks were restarted.  She promptly offered a draw, I was so disgusted, I just took it.  I may have been lost at that point, don't recall.

    3) Some local tourney.  I was black side of a Nadjorf vs some nice Jugoslavian woman.  She was pretty good but I was expected to win.  I got a horrible game and sunk into thought for a long time.  I ended up making an illegal move with my knight.  I realized it a short time later and called the TD on myself.  I believe that was the correct procedure.  I think time was docked and I made a different move and ended up winning.  She was upset afterwards.  Right or wrong, I regret not manning up and just losing the game.  She would have gotten more out of it then I did I'm sure.

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    squeakyfiddle wrote:

    I heard of a player that would shake the table with his knees while his opponent was trying to make a move

    I hate that when a player causes the table to shake or drums on the table with his fingers, or makes annoying sounds/noises.

    I have frequently confronted little kids with nervous energy to stop making noise or shaking the table.

    I also had a case of an opponent who starts having a "serious coughing fit" while playing a rated game. He could be there the whole evening playing skittles games or whatever and no coughing, but when he would sit down to play a rated game, after about the 3rd or 4th move he'd start coughing, loudly and repeatedly. The TD came over to him and told him to stop it or he'd have to forfeit the game and the tournament. Interestingly he stopped coughing...

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    my story is from a tourment qualifer for the megafianls, a blitz tourment, the guy i was playing was good infact very good however extremly cocky.

    many time during the game he mimkiced me when i was thinking and genreal just being rude unforuantly for him he was so focsued on trying to take the mick out of me that he blunderd his queen he decided then to try an annoy me even more so i named the siclian varaiton i used after that game, the karmaic dragon.

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    I was playing a local tournament one weekend. We had a lunch break and I thought I had more time for lunch, but realized I was close to 30 minutes late for the next round.

    My opponent for whatever reason stated he would restart the clocks to the beginning. I thought he was being a VERY nice guy.

    Well soon he ended up in a less than favorable position and got into time trouble. He kept making illegal moves. We were using the old analog clocks. I would hit the clock immediately and tell him that he made an illegal move and put the piece back to its original square. After about 5 or 6 of these illegal moves, I was starting to get low on time as well, and getting frustrated with his repeated illegal moves.

    So I called over the TD to report that he made yet another illegal move. He got pissed and basically intimated that I should've let him get away with it because he reset the clocks. I was pissed at his remark but held my tongue.

    He eventually blundered and lost his last remaining piece and resigned.

    He apologized for his remark, so it wasn't a totally bad encounter.

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    Chess tournaments should really have a rule that you lose even more points if you get disqualified.

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    Asthereal wrote:
    (...) My opponent of that night has around 1400 rating. I have about 1800. To motivate myself, I set myself the challenge of having never less than my original 1:15 hours of time. So I had to move within 30 seconds, unless I had saved some time by moving even faster, because in that case I could use the time I saved.


    Do you guys think this is bad sportmanship?


    Nope. If you want to lose because you did not take the time to think, that's your problem ! Cool

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    On a related note re: bad sportsmanship, why are some people so mean and arrogant toward beginning chess players? My newest friend here is one, and he says he's been told things like "Our game was a waste of time because you're really bad." I know folks like to be challenged when they play, but do they have to diss a potential opponent due to his or her low rating? They seem to think respect and humility are for losers, not winners.


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