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Signs you're a bad chess player

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    More warming up for the big game, thanks to uncle Louie further loaning the magic chess set to Bobby:

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    Choosing the colors:

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    Pondering the moves:

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    And, the BIG WIN...a winning streak for Bobby of 20-0-0...all thanks to uncle Louie being Bobby's wing man...literally, in flying him down there and letting him warm up on the ersatz chess set that holds esoteric powers.

    "Thank you, Louie...thank you...thank you!", is what Bobby told your uncle after the match. Bobby gave him a big, sloppy kiss on the cheek along with a bear hug, as well.

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    I guess the moral of the story is that there is a place in chess for really bad chess players. Where would Bobby be without his pal, your uncle Louie?

    Probably still in Pasadena, washing dishes at the local cafe...that's what I think.

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    ther is good chess players.and better chess players ,sort saying the glassis half full.....gl

  • #1467

    when you say "chess strength is relative" each time you lose

  • #1468

    are any of u people masters .to them u r probably bad players,the differnceis they are not neagative toward the chess. com comminuity

  • #1469

    Everybody sucks at chess, Jerry...even masters.

    A sense of humor is an asset in this troublesome world, not a negativity toward any community.

    Sure as hell beats crying.

  • #1470

    you could be positive and still have a sense of humor,whats sad about being optamistic and respecting others.

  • #1471

    There is no disrespect toward anyone.

    That's just your opinion. And, you have a right to your opinion. But, you see, you seem to think that your opinion is objective and absolute.

    Opinions simply don't function in that fashion.

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    I hatch grand schemes, think thru long lines of play, form brilliant strategies, then give the queen away because I "missed" the bishop. 

  • #1473

    i really love the look on their faces when i play en passant... lolz

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    Well, just imagine...devoting years, and years and years of your life to finally becoming a chess master. Neglecting your fortune, your family and your health (staying up past your bedtime and such)...all in pursuit of the noble pastime.

    Then comes along a free cell phone with a free chess app. And it can beat the Dickens out of you! Shoot!!!

    Now...thats gotta sting. Talk about bad. You are good but you feel BAD.

    Thusly (good word)...even you are a bad chess player. Yes...I'm talkin' 'bout YOU...sucka.

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    griffith58 wrote:

    you could be positive and still have a sense of humor,whats sad about being optamistic and respecting others.

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    Amply, there are bad moods, bad people, bad mouthers...even bad losers. But, when it comes to chess "bad" is a bad word.

    Lousy and lousier comes to mind.

    Nobody says "lousy" these days. Bobby, though...I believe he would applaud the use of it. How would I know? I come from his time and place. "Lousy" was in vogue back then.

  • #1478

    You play e5 against e4 to try and get your opponent out of book.

  • #1479

    Not only that but when your enemy (that's what I call 'em) mentions the word "book"...you say: "Oh, I don't have time to read novels these days."

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    When youre a master and ur black in this game. http://www.chess.com/games/view.html?id=198942


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