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Unusual Records by Chess Players

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    This could be an unusual chess record or just some kind of record that is non chess by a chess player.

    Just to start out, I won a duplicate bridge tournament with 640 players last month.  [a minor record]

    Here is another--semi record--I have bowled 344 perfect bowling games in the last 2 years.

    One more,  I have [in the past] played more than 4,000  chess games in a row --all wins--no losses or draws--against more than 500 players.

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    In the late 1800's, there was a German chessmaster... can't recall his name... who still holds the world record for resigning by sweeping the pieces off the chess-board and breaking the wooden board over his opponent's head. His personal best, eleven times in one tournament, has never been beaten.

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    Here are some unusual players by Chess Records:

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    Are chess and bowling related?

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    And how about bridge and bowling?

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    Yes, chess and bowling both have (bad) puns, I mean pins.

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    Both take a lot of concentration.  I have bowled quite a few games with the first 11 strikes and then lose concentration and not get the 12th strike for a perfect game.

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    ponz111 must be a direct descendant of Zukertort (L) or Baron Munchausen.

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    How am i a direct descendant?

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    I was speaking, or rather typing, figuratively. You can look them up using any search engine and/or read about them at Wikipedia.

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    I am guessing you do not think I bowled so many perfect games?

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    Well as a matter of fact...is there a newspaper article or some other source for this admittedly amazing feat? The chess record you mention above is also quite amazing - and hard to believe. But maybe being believed is not a major concern here?

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    NimzoRoy in chess you need to use your imagination to find new lines of play that others have not found.


    Yes, I have bowled that many perfect games in the last 2 years the catch is that it was on Wii bowling.  Despite the "catch" it is a rather good record but there is one person who has beat my "record" all to heck--this gentleman has bowled maybe over 1500 perfect games in Wii bowling.

    There is a rating system in Wii bowling and I am tied in the world with

    other Will bowlers with the highest possible score--to get that rating one must bowl a lot of perfect games and when one gets near that record and bowls say a 299 then your rating drops.  I do not post things I have not done.

    Here is another record for you. I am the only player in the history of the United States

    Correspondence Chess Championship to win ALL my games with

    Black in the Finals.  There have been about 20 such



    I can also explain how I did my chess record of so many games in a row with wins.

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    Explain, then.

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    When I was 15 years old-I lived in Decatur, Illinois and had my own motor scooter.  Back then it was legal for a 15 year old to ride a motor schooter.

    This was1956.  The school district hired teachers as playground supervisors during the summer at about 40 different spots. They hired me as chess instructor for the whole city!  I was paid the same salary as the teachers. I would drive my scooter to a designated playgroud and would find say 10 kids all set up with their chess sets to play me and I always did a simul playing all at once and when one lost they would just set up a different game. I was winning all my games but then lost a game.

    after that for the rest of the year 3 months in the summer] I won every single game with no losses and no draws.  And the next year [3 months in the summer]  I won every single game. 


    I was a better player than the school kids.  I  played more than 400 kids in the 2 years and there were more than 4000 games in a row without loss or draw.

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    I also have a tripple  tennis record Cool but here is something in tennis when I did not do so well. I was playing in a tournament--you win a match and you go on to next round. I had won one match and in the second match was destroying another player.  I had won 5 straight games and was ahead 40 love on the 5th game. But it was very hot--about 100 degrees and I was exhausted and could not get the final point and my opponent came back and beat me!

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    Also, I have never lost or drew with any grandmaster--and there are 3 grandmasters who play now who I have played in the past.

    And I grandmaster [a different one] who played a game of tandem chess with me. He and I were one one side against two very strong players on the other side. We did not lose that game.

    Lots of silly records.  I have a record for comparatively least time taken in an internet game where one master plays a whole team which consisted of several masters and other players. [I am proud of this particular record]

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    Other than our prisoners cuba I am one of the few people in the world who has been tortured by music.  Guess I just have weird things happen to me...

    Not to mention the very weird way I never became a USCF master despite playing above that level.

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    Obvious troll is obvious :3

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    I am not a troll!  These things did happen.  For a longer explanation of some of these weird things go to Ponziani Power group and read the forums. [if that is allowed] Or for some proof read my profile.

    I can explain every one of my weird happening and for some I have proof such as never losing to a gm etc.

    Here is another,  I have played two US Champions--two players who have won a United States Championship and beat them both [at chess]

    Those without imagination will dismiss what I say as trolling but those who are free thinkers will say "Why would he say these things if they were not true" and then at least ask questions.

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