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What People Do When They Win

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    I guess you mean USA?

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    go on cod and noscope some n00bs

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    Victory dance

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    @ryanzhangmiller it looks like you're also on this forum... Why does it happen that you always have so much junk in your head that you post on forums???


    for more examples of him spamming, go to the forum: make a (dumb) opening and name it!

    you will see that chadnilson, the creator of the thread, says "6 moves or less" while he just inserts games that he calls "gambits"

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    Ageiswisdom wrote:

    It's a " Game " you might wish to analyse it if you are a serious player. Me, I say thanks or gg. and go to the next one. That said there are some scumbags on hear...lots from the hot continent.

    I will analyze the game with him if he was not a douche during the game.

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    Afraidya-Gonalose wrote:

    Which hot continent?

    you get a trophy

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    Throw the board in the face of the opponent
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    they say "yes! I won!"

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    it depends on how they win, I'm not always proud with my wins, especially in case of some early morning and late evening games, it would be better for me not to play at all sometimes

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    They do this:

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    LikeToasters wrote:

    they say "yes! I won!"

    One time at a local quad. I blundered my queen and right when I moved, this adult was like whispering YES YES YES YES and did a weird motion with his arm I didn't quite understand. 


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