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What style chess set would you like to see?

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    It can be any style you can imagine!

    For me, I would have an anime characters chess set, where the king would be Kyon and Haruhi Suzumiya the queen. The enemy would be Beatrice (as king) and Bernkastel (as queen), both from Umineko no naku koro ni.

    What cool, funny, zany, weird, cute, or just plain awesome chess set would you like to see and own?

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    One with famous philosophers, that'd be cool... Innocent

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    No thanks, I'll stick with Staunton.

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    baddogno wrote:

    No thanks, I'll stick with Staunton.

    You don't have to play with it. Just look at it and enjoy the artfullness of the design.

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    chessplayer2478 wrote:


    Can you be more specific?

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    Football players and managers and how much they are worth in the real world.

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    baddogno wrote:

    No thanks, I'll stick with Staunton.


    And I know I would just have to look at it. But I see no point in having a set just sit there.

    And I would get much enjoyment out of beautiful set of Staunton pieces, even just looking at it.

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     女の子のヌードの胴体だけの彫刻風、で。 胴体だけでいいんだ。首から上は無し。 手も、表情をつけるために必要でなければ肩と肘の間までで。脚も同じで、太腿の半ばから下は台座に埋まっている。サマトラのニケのイメージで。

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    A lord of the Rings Chess set.

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    A super fancy one made with WHITE CHOCOLATES!!!

    Mommy wants one made with the elements like gold, silver, tin, copper, rhodium, platinum, iron, hemoglobin...

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    hemoglobin?  Sort of the odd man out, isn't it?

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    How about real tanks?

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    Mommy says hemoglobin isnt an element but this fancy girrrl that she hates says it is amd this girl is SOOO FANCY she plays fancy cello AND has won a load of awards so she MUST be rrright and Mommy is just jealous that she isnt that fancy :3

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    dance1211 wrote:

    Actual terrain chess.

    I'm talking a 3 foot by 3 foot board. Rolling grass landscape, River going though the middle. The feeling of seeing a rook taking off peices from the top of the hill is just amazing

    That sounds really cool, actually!

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    I Would like to see a Starcraft Chess set =)

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    Ok there are enough characters for one side. For the other side they could just use the episode where they create a universe filled with evil doubles (Except for Bender, his double is the good one)


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