What would you like santa to bring you for christmas?

MSteen wrote:

A Red Ryder 200 shot range model air rifle with a compass in the stock and a thing that tells time.

I don't think a football is a very good Christmas present.



a ferrari a tiger a flying carpet and a swedish blonde 


I want a horsy...



Stick all your money on charlton to win on Sat..and you could probably get a flying carpet to Sweden.


face like a troll too . not interested in your comments 


Aww bless ya.  got no crack. I guess you really believe!


A lady as beautiful as Solenn Heusaff.


Good health and a lot of love and friendship for all on chess.com Laughing


And I told him that I will not accept the testicles of Justin Bieber, so he will try to dump those on one of you... (look out for tiny boxes !)


S**t thats what they were!!   I stuck them on the tree..I thought it smelt abit funny.


Peace on earth is what I asked for . santa replied " That would require killing off every human on the planet and I would be out of a job. Would yet another neck tie suffice?"


Well.... Alexandra Kosteniuk wearing a chessboard motif bikini :)

...but just for playing chess! 

(my wife could see that post;)


a first class plane ticket to belgium so i can go see my new friends- and a promise from my wife to stop collecting ponies

Stevie65 wrote:
BorgQueen wrote:

Christmas seems to only bring out selfishness in people these days...

Well said BQ!  I want my whole family to be happy..By the way BQ,have you assimilated santa..Love the hat!

Apparently people have lost their humor at christmas

dbeuscher wrote:

Ah, but he does exist. On this earth he was known as the Bishop of Myra, a Byzantine Bishop in Byzantium and was even at the Council of Nicea in the late 300's. He was born into a very wealthy family, but upon entering the priesthood, gave it all away, for the most part doing so secretly so no one knew it was him for years, thus the tradition of secret gifts at Christmas....He has, of course, since passed on and is one of the saints in heaven who prays for us all.

I am hoping for a chess clock...

Never knew that thanks......Marry X-mas or Happy Holidays.....




A premium membership at chess.com

913Glorax12 wrote:

Apparently people have lost their humor at christmas

I wonder why.


Beats meWink

Conflagration_Planet wrote:

A new puppy.

An old puppy, oops sorry I should be politically correct by saying a senior puppy. 


How about a pony?