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why you should not play the Sicilian

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    Funniest post I've come across on this site.

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    hehe very good:)

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    OMG i just loved the <*Black King turns on light*> joke

    just couldnt stop laughing

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    OK i forgive you.   At first I was ready to pour hellfire and vitriol on this thread for suggesting the Sicilian was anything less than perfection incarnate.  Very funny stuff.

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    When my nephew was 4 years old, this was exactly his repetoire against my brother and me. Funny, he used to win every game too.

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    OMGBBQ roflcopter - I nearly peed my pants.

    We are soooooo sad here . . .

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    what the ***** is that!! lol

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    4.Qxc1 lol.

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    dashkee94 wrote:

    Great post!  Classic chess humor.  Thanks!

    As in, subtle as a train wreck

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    This is the funniest chess.com post I read so far - needs a bump - more people should see it.

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    OMG that's so epic, more please ;)

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    LOL thx - I tried to bump it like 2 weeks ago, 'bump' like yours should do better job.

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    LOL that's one of the hardest laughs I ever had!! Good to cheer me up Smile

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    Great didactic games learned a lot - THX again!

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    NrthrnKnght wrote:

    nonsense ,and yes I do have a sense of humor only its not so sophomoric

    How is making illegal moves in a chess game sophmoric?

    Put the Freud book down...

  • #56

    these games are helllllla dumb...

  • #57

    You are the real Kingcrusher!!! not the guy on YT

  • #58

    Absolutely loved the "bombardment of pawns", best chess laughs I've ever had.

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    That was just so funny

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    Why you shouldn't play Bird's Opening: Symmetrical Variation.

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