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why you should not play the Sicilian

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    7thSense wrote:

    Lol Guolin... how do you do that! I'm still trying to figure it out

    You put the game in PGN format, and instead of copying and pasting moves, you type them into the PGN box yourself.Wink

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    I'm still laughing after the second time reading it Laughing

    Oh and BUMP

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    find the mistakes

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    This was so funny I was laughing in bed!!:-)

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    Why you should not play Queen's Gambit Declined.

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    how bout why you shouldnt play the fools mate as black

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    jajamc wrote:

    Please post your solution as a comment containing the  move sequences.  Thanks

    b2-c3 !  sac mo ang pawn,  force na kain siya. Then, shortly after that, a great feast. ubos ang piyesa niya

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    Why you should't let the Black King sell things:

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    Why you shoudn't play the Italian.

    p.s.notice the capture mark on move 5 for black!

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    wow so even though the black king disapeares he is not mated sad sad sad

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    how do u do this moving illegal?

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    just type the moves in the pgn box

    why you should not play the bluestone countergambit

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    Love the poisoned kings!

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    7thSense wrote:

    Is there a way to do it without hacking anything?


    you could just notate it and write it on the PGN file in the Chess Wizard 'Insert Game or sequence of moves'. Make sure you write (Raxd8) and not (Rxd8.)

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    The first one gave my belly some good exercise - wish it wouldn't stop!!  :)

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    I think I want white from now on! Cool

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    haha xD

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    why you shouldnt play King's Gambit: Accepted, Bishop's Gambit First Jaenisch Variation


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