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why you should not play the Sicilian

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    The Sicilian is a well known opening. However, it is a fatal blunder for black from move 1. Why you ask? Because of a fatal opening trap set by White.


    And that is why the Sicilian Defense is refuted.
    Fine print: Caution. The above mentioned opening trap should only be attempted with chess players with a sense of humor. Attempting to try out this opening in against a serious chess player or GM may get you in serious trouble. I do not take any responsibility of any injury caused from throwing chess pieces around. If you actually take this opening seriously, please consult your doctor. You may be suffering from extreme stupidity.
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    hehe, that made me laughLaughing

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    But who can forget the marvelous crap throwing ape attack for black?
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    lol. this is very funny nice work. LaughingLaughingLaughing

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    kudos 321 made me laugh a lot too

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    2 ... Kxd8 "forced" lol

    I tried something like this once at my chess club but it was during the endgame when my bishop had gotten trapped. Unfortunately, my opponent required me to follow the standard chess rules and, consequently, I lost the game.

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    Next up, the King's gambit.

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    :)) god this is so funny stuff !

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    Bravo Chess321 !!  I have never laughed so hard on this site !!

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    LOL THIS IS SO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!

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    rotflmfao keep posting plz

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    how do u make illegal moves? i dont have the option to do so in my board editor.

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    After losing every game I play on here that was a welcome relief!!!

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    =) =) =)

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    If black tries to decline the King's gambit...

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    LOL 'black was mated!'

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    More e4 lines


    One week later...
    Black K: Hey! Where's the White king?!
    White Q: He's out of town running some errands.
    Black K: Phew. At last, I finally get a break. That nutcase has been doing... um.. you know... all week long.
    White Q: I know what you mean. I have no idea why I married him in the first place.
    Black K: Yeah... ok. We battle tomorrow.

    The next day:
    Black K: Good morning everyone. It's a wonderful day! If only we didn't have to battle that crazy White King. You know what I mean?
    Black K: Um... hello?
    Black K: Queenie?
    Black K: Are you there????
    Black K: Hahahahaah... nice joke... very funny... hahaha.. heheheh.. um... ha?!
    Is anybody there???
    Black K: Guys?!

    *Black King turns on light*

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Maybe you should offer this advice to the people who post the "what game should I play?" question. 

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    Lol. These were just random jokes i thought up of. Hope you guys like them. Wink

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    I couldn't stop laughing..Haha. Good joke


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