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2 Games

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    Yeah...I didn't play for a few months already..so I think I got a bit rusty..anyways,I played 2 games which I won quite uncomfortably..

    Both games played as White

    And the 2nd game


    Aside from making less mistakes,

    When should I look for tactical shots?Cause most of the times when I play,I usually have somewhat of an advantage where I have more pieces developed and good centre control..

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    1st game:

    3...Qc5? That is not where the queen should go. 3...Qa5, 3...Qd6 and 3...Qd8 are the usual moves. On c5 it'll just get chased with tempo by d4.

    7...f5? is horribly weakening while failing to develop. White is probably winning already.

    Up to here your opponent has utterly failed to develop while you're already castled and ready to rock. The usual idea in such situations is to blow open the centre, and here 8. d5 is the way to go. With the d- and e-files against black's king and sleeping pieces, you have a very strong attack against black's king and queen both. And by the way, 8. Bf4?? Qxf4.

    11. Ne5 trading queens was OK (almost anything wins) but I'd rather keep the queens on. It's easier to go after black's king while your own queen is still on the board.


    2nd game:

    3...Qd8 is not a bad move, repeat, not a bad move. In fact it's one of the mainlines. The idea is that the queen will be exposed if it steps anywhere else (actually d6 and a5 are the other mainlines) and it'll go to c7 (or b6) later on while white can't play his ideal c4 push with the knight in the way.

    7. Bd3 seems fine. I don't know enough about the position or structure to say whom the trade benefits, but intuitively it should be slightly better for black (white loses an attacking piece, black gets less cramped but loses arguably his most active piece.)

    9...Nd5 10. Bg3 a6 would probably have been best for black. The d5 square, while not a true outpost for black, is available here since white can't do c4 quickly.

    On moves 12 and 13, seriously consider c4. It sets up a good centre for white while preparing d5, which would open the centre and cause black's king a major headache.

    Black should have thought about 13...Bxf3 to weaken your structure and remove a potential powerful attacker. Ne5 and Ng5 would probably be scary in some lines.

    14. dxc5?! is not so great. It gives up your centre, removes black's c5-pawn (which was in his way of development) and lets ...Bxc5 come to a nice square quickly. Perhaps 14. Ne5 with interesting fireworks; (14...cxd4 15. Bb5 threatens Qxd4 and Bxd7-Nxg4) 14. Ne5 Nxe5 15. dxe5 Nd7 16. f3 Bh5 (16...Bf5 17. Bxf5 exf5 18. e6 with a strong attack) 17. Bb5 followed by Rd1 with an attack.

    The position after 17 moves looks extremely dangerous for black, but I can't see any easy win. Maybe 18. Bc7!? was an interesting attacking idea, denying black d8 so that you can pile on the d-file. (18. Bc7 Qc8 19. Qa5 b6 20. Qxa7 maintains the bishop there for instance.)

    18. Rad1? Bxd1, but I think you realised that already.

    19. Qc3 set up a trap. 18...Qc8, 18...Rc8 or 18...b6 would have avoided instant death, though.

    You could have mated faster with 21. Qxd6#.


    You should look for tactical shots when your opponent is poorly developed or in an awkward situation, his pieces too exposed or too strangely placed. Also when his king is in the centre while you're castled and all developed. Also when your pieces show amazing activity and are all located almost optimally where something should happen. IT DEPENDS is what I'm trying to say here, just keep one eye out at all times for any chances you may get.

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    I'm glad that youre youre growing, if i'm not mistaken you were rated 800-900 just half a year ago;) But still its very hard to comment on game one. Your opponent made so many fundamental mistakes. Game 2 was higher quality. What i can comment on:

    1) 12.Re1 - My personal move, i would do exacly this move in the position, i think its also best, to put rook against the king.

    2) 12...Ke8 - I think Kd8 or g6 was better to get the bishop out. This move increases your chance to keep iniciative and overwhelm him.

    3) 13.Qd2 - better straight away 13.c4 with idea of d5 and attacking that pinned pawn on e6 and opnening up the game

    4) 14.dc - you know it looked to me like that at first as well, but then if i think about it, there are many interesting moves. 14.d5 - sacrifice with idea of discovered attack(14...Nf6-d5 15.Bd3-b5 or 15.Bd3-h7) on the knight, since e6 pawn isnt really protecting it, 14.Bc4 preparing d5, 14.Bb5 - pin and win.

    5)18.Rad1, you saw it yourself:) Kinda makes few problems for you and gives up material, but thats a blunder - happens to everyone.


    Hey dude i will send you a message with my skype name, if you want we can chat live sometime. If you want you can send some message to me in chess.com as well, but i'd like to analyse some of your games live, since there are basic principles that some of your opponents are ignoring and youre not sure how to exploit them and you dont know very well how to attack the king - opening up lines and launching sacrifical attacks. I think if you learn those basic things your rating will increase by 100-200 points easily.


    P.S. I have a new account - MarisVetra

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    Hey thats me!


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