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A better defense...?

  • #1

    That is a game I played in a bad mood (due to many previous losses against lower-rated opponents). I lightly annotated the beginning because I played like a Patzer, but my opponent played also weakly and let himself intimidate ; I could say the opening is really bad from both sides.

    The point is that from the diagram material is equal (or will be soon), but with the imbalance rook+pawn vs. bishop+knight which should favor Black, and I can't think that is compensated by the shadow of an attack White has. But I didn't manage to find a convincing line of defense.

    Is there a real attack that just appear weaker than it really is, or did I miss some lines ?


  • #2

    Where in that game did the material imbalance of R+P vs B+N occur? Can't see it.

  • #3

    At move 15 (diagram) it is sure to occur, and it really is in place from 16...Kxf7 to 19...Nb6.

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    Well, looking at it, I don't think it favoured Black, since White's rook is definitely more active than those pieces. More importantly, it's not bishop + knight, its Rook + Pawn vs 2 Knights imbalance...and those knights are definitely not active, they're more defensive. If the imbalance was Bishop + knight, or 2 bishops, then yes, I'd say Black has it better.


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