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a cheap win? please comment on my annotations

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    I fully expected to lose after I found myself down two pieces. Then I saw a mate threat, and, apparently, so did my opponent who resigned. Can you please comment, esp on my annotations, so that I can learn to think more deeply about my moves, and those of my opponent. thanks. 

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    I got the ratings wrong. I'm somebodysson I was black,, and I'm about 1000 now on chess.com. My opponent, white, was about 845. The game is listed in my games archive. 

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    on 28...I mean 'since, like me, white, seeing no way of stopping my Qf1, resigns. 

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    I realize that the game posting guidelines say to not post wins, but since I think I played terribly in this win, and since I want to get help on my thinking about my moves, I think this game is as good as any example of how my thinking needs to improve. 


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