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A decent victory

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    This is the first game I'm submitting for analysis. I've annotated it myself and would like your opinion.


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    I agree that a lot of tactics are overlooked in this game and that should be an area you work on. More fundamentally, you go about your own ideas without considering what your opponent is going to do.

    11. Qe4 "Forking the Knight, Bishop and d4 pawn. My idea was that atleast one would fall and I'd get back material equality". You didn't look enough to see that 11. ... Nf6 defends all the pieces you attacked. It's good to see the fork, but you have to look for your opponent's best defensive resource and not assume that one of the pieces will fall. By the way, material is already equal at this point.

    12. Qe5. So after your opponent doesn't play the defensive resource that protects everything, you don't go ahead and take the d4 pawn. Instead you let him defend everything again if he wants with 12. ... Bf6.

    18. Qd4 "My idea is to bring out my bishop and launch a mating attack on the g7 square". Of course, this hangs the queen to Bh2+, but the idea itself is pretty weak. Your opponent can easily defend the g7 square. You can't hope he just misses it.

    29. Qf3 "I hoped to gain material somehow since all variations I saw were winning for me". Try to eliminate hope from your thought process. I am not sure if you saw the variation 29. ... Rxd1 30. Qxa8+ Rd8 and you can win the a6 pawn, but the game is hardly over.

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    Your opponent kept missing Bxh2+/Bh2+ and then taking your queen.

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    huntzaa wrote:

    Your opponent kept missing Bxh2+/Bh2+ and then taking your queen.

    You're the 4th person to point that out.


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