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a forced victory

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    after 4 ...d5. 5.exd5 Qxd5 the queen does have control over the centre but it's temporary. 6. Nc3 attacks blacks queen and gains a tempo. a good rule of thumb is to only move your queen after you've developed your minor pieces, this helps you to better see where she is needed

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    Gimme ,

    At  the  move  24  " Qxd1+, Qxd1 Nxa2+, Kb1 Rxd1, and White's pieces are still tangled up."

    I  think  that  the  game  it  will  last  long  this  way  ,  by  the  movement  of  white  king or  will  be  draw .

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    gimmewuchagot wrote:

    Ah, it's too early in the morning to do this :P

    EDIT: 'this' refers to analyzing a low-level game filled with blunders

    Remember this comment? :P

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    Try this for the start.
    Protect pawns attacked at the opening.
    Don't block the Queens pawn with a bishop.
    Don't move the pawn on f as that is the weak target.
    Learn an opening and castle early.

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