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Analyse please

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    23... Bf6 was the only move. Be7 lead to all problems. As you said earlier you missed the plan behind Qd2

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    Yell....Thanx sir ....Smile

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    I never like playing h6 if my king is castled there. Causes too many problems later in the game, esp when opponent has both bishops in action.

    Also on move 15, I wouldn't have taken the pawn either, means you ended up with 3 pawn islands, making them difficult to defend.

    And as said above, Be7 didn't help ;)

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    21... Ng5 to me appears weak

    If instead you played  21... Nc5 I think your position would have held together a bit better

    He just hit you with a brutal combination after that

    After 27 Qxh6 the game is lost recovery is impossible

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    I would say your opening was fine(taking space with 11..d4 may have been good, to answer 12.Ng5 with Bd5 and if 12.b4 perhaps the knight can come from f6-d5-c3) but then you failed to come up with a reasonable plan. You are right allowing Ng5xe6 was a big decision, although it strengthens your centre slightly I would say it was a bit dubious because his unopposed white squared bishop became very strong. The open file you gain is pretty unimportant as your other pieces aren't placed for any attack. So perhaps 11..h6 as you suggested.

    After allowing this exchange I guess your plan should be to advance your centre pawns. So unpinning with 14..Qd6 may be a start. Kh8, Nh7 etc don't seem to be part of any coherent plan and led you into a passive position. My advice would be to find some games with a similar opening by strong players and look how they handled the position just after the opening.

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    Thanx alot...


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