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    23... Bf6 was the only move. Be7 lead to all problems. As you said earlier you missed the plan behind Qd2

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    Yell....Thanx sir ....Smile

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    I never like playing h6 if my king is castled there. Causes too many problems later in the game, esp when opponent has both bishops in action.

    Also on move 15, I wouldn't have taken the pawn either, means you ended up with 3 pawn islands, making them difficult to defend.

    And as said above, Be7 didn't help ;)

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    21... Ng5 to me appears weak

    If instead you played  21... Nc5 I think your position would have held together a bit better

    He just hit you with a brutal combination after that

    After 27 Qxh6 the game is lost recovery is impossible

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    Thanx alot...

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