Analysis board in tactics trainer



Overall I´m very satisfied with I get annoyed in Tactics trainer. Sometimes I go to the analysis board to see the different lines, but what´s the point with the controls underneath the board when you can´t use them? I´m not satisfied with going through three computer output lines at sometimes 10 ply depth each, without being able to use the controls to make the moves on the board.

I expect that you enable the controls, so that you can use them!

Thanks for a good site!

Pär in Sweden


I'm wondering about the same thing.  Are the controls meant to function or not?


Ed in Canada


The controls function, but you have to input moves manually, they don't automatically go through the computer lines.


Just tried that Scottrf.  So that's how it's supposed to work !  

I thought it was faulty as well or there was some problem with my machine. It would be more useful though if it could at least take you through the main line of the continuation.....


If you can't move the pieces it's probably because you're not making the computers initial move first.


Thanks, Scottrf and stephen_33. After a while I discovered the way it works. It´s fully functional.


What I've started doing with the analysis from TT problems is to copy+paste it into Game Editor, editing out the superfluous lines & moves, then stepping through the moves that way.  Takes a little practice but is very useful when you get the hang of it.

For example, this is the PGN from the analysis for TT problem #0039789.
You can view the TT exercise here...

Would you believe it, I picked a TT problem at random & the analysis is faulty - it shows a knight move when there isn't a knight on the board!

I've reported that but here's another one...

Open the analysis & you can copy the following to your clipboard..

[FEN "8/5ppp/3N4/1R6/8/kp3P2/3n2PP/2n3K1 w - -"]
[DELTA "3.50"]
[SCORE "-2.38"]
[FULL "b2 "]
[MOVES "1"]

40. Rd5

({12:-2.67} 40. Rd5 b2 41. Ra5+ Kb3 42. Rb5+ Kc2 43. Rxb2+ Kxb2 44. Nxf7 Kc2 45. Nd6 Ne2+ 46. Kf2 Kd3 47. Nf5 g6 $19)

The only parts of that required are the FEN string & moves list, so edit out the rest & you should be left with this..

[FEN "8/5ppp/3N4/1R6/8/kp3P2/3n2PP/2n3K1 w - -"]

40. Rd5 b2 41. Ra5+ Kb3 42. Rb5+ Kc2 43. Rxb2+ Kxb2 44. Nxf7 Kc2 45. Nd6 Ne2+ 46. Kf2 Kd3 47. Nf5 g6 

Note: There must be a single space character after the final move!

The above is a stripped down PGN file but if you copy+paste it into Game Editor using the Paste PGN button then you can view it as you would a game. I do my editing now in the paste PGN window but you can do it in any text editor & then copy+paste it across.

Edit:  If the first move in the moves list is Black's then you have to edit it to look something like this: 40...b2 (Game Editor won't accept 40. ...b2 !)
Curiously, this is because the format used in the analysis doesn't seem to be compatible with that of Game Editor.