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Analysis of one of my games

  • #1

    Can i have a Game Analysis!
    What were my mistakes and errors in this game?

    I am Playing Black! :) Thankx.

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    3..h6 is inefficient - continue to develop with Bc5

    9..Bg4 . You should castle before committing to a plan.

    11..a6.   You should castle before committing to a plan.

    12.. Ba7 is weak, you should check him and exploit the weak dark

    squares on queen side.

    13.. g6 is weak, it weakens your dark squares and does not further

    your development. Qf6 or o-o were better.

    15... Qg5  was nice, encouraging him to open your rook file


    17.. g4 is weak - keep your pawns at home. Rb8 or Ke7 activating

    your pieces is better.



    Overall you played well for your rating - but there are inefficiencies

    - such as pawn moves and the bishop retreat above.

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    Chess_Freak15 , I strongly recommend that you learn how to perform a check mate with a king and rook against a king within 50 moves.

    In this game from move number 50 there were only a king and rook against a king. The game reached move number 100 without a check mate. According to the chess rules if 50 moves happens without any pawn moves or any capture then either of the players can claim a draw. Thus from move 100 until move 113 where you finally performed a check mate your opponent could have claimed a draw at any time. The draw happens only if it is claimed (after the check mate is performed a draw can of course not be claimed).

    Thus if your opponent had known all the chess rules this game would have been a draw.

    Search the net for endgames with a king and rook against a king. You can start exploring the position on this site: http://www.k4it.de/index.php?topic=egtb&lang=en . Note that according to that site the check mate could have been performed within 14 moves from the point where there was only a king and rook against a king.


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