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Annotating existing PGNs

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    Is there web-based software for annotating a set of PGNs that I have? Or is there Mac client software for accomplishing the same?

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    Notepad... oh, nevermind. I guess you could take it to the Apple store and see if they will do it for you?

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    What do you mean by annotating? Computer evaluations?

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    Curly braces are your friend. Try copying and pasting this into one of your pgn games after a move. {testing annotation}
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    Maybe because your asking about web-based or something, but couldn't you use chessbase to use pgn files and annotate them ?  Thats how I'm doing it.

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    I totally asked the wrong question. For someone with ChessBase, what I want is a way of doing "training mode" on a Mac. Preferably web-based, but native Mac software would work.
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    Here's a discussion on that subject in case you haven't already seen it.



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