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Annoying loss

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    So one online chess game that I have just lost a few minutes ago.

    I am kind of upset because I feel like I tried to attack the whole game while he kept hiding. But I didn't succeed to create a flaw in his defense and in the end he benefited from my mistake and won. And that often happens

    with me: I can't finish my attacks :/

    Any analysis or piece of advice would be appreciated

    By the way, do someone know how to properly insert games? I tried to used a fen string but it started at the ending position. So I had to begin from a starting board and do all the moves by hand. I suppose there are better ways, right?

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    Now after watching it all again, I think I should have stopped to attack on the king side. I had my two rooks lined on the f file but I couldn't do anything because of his light-square bishop, his knight and his pawn structure. And even the pawn strom on the king side was meaningless since I had only 2 because I decided to double my e pawn to open the file.

    I shoudl have tried to come up with ideas for the Queen side but I just stuck to my first idea and it led me nowhere...

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    Looked like a pretty well-played game to me...

    (Btw if you try 24 Rxf7 you have to be concerned about the response 24... Bf5.)

    I'd say a good idea would've been to take the opportunity to trade off the remaining rooks with 40 Rc1.  It's difficult to make progress with his rook becoming as active as it did.

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    You are right, his Rook became quite a problem at the end. and 24... Bf5 could have be troublesome

    And I should have played g5 before Nf4  (32) so that he couldn't stop me but I didn't want to lock my bishop, I was aiming to put it on f6 or h6 :/

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    You have good attacking possibilities but black is playing proper moves so he shouldn't be rolled over just because you build up on h7.  I'm assuming you played 14.Qe2 to play g4 which makes sense.  Even though he played 14....N6d7 I would still play 15.g4 , g5, h4 if you like.  14.Qh5 looks active but the queen gets kicked around too much.


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