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Another one that got away #7

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    Another thread in my series of 'another one that got away'. As the title suggests it is essentially a game I lost or drew having been in a strong position. I've not posted up one of these for a while - this suggests I'm managing to finish off more games I suppose - but anyone reading this can hopefully learn from my mistakes.

    It was a 10minute blitz game and usually not one I would take seriously because of the time constraints, however I was in such a good position I thought it was worth another look. Analysing games also help me to remember when next in similar positions. It just goes to show that queening a pawn is not always the best option - any constructive pointers would be appreciated. 



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    5..Nxe5 is good move I believe

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     I don't see it working out, can you or someone else show me the full line?

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    5...Nxe4 6. fxe4 Qh4+ 7. g3 Qxe4+ 8. Qe2 does not work because of the pin.


    You hung a rook, you know that. I assume you were in time pressure.

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    There was no need to hurry with a2.


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    Edit: I think I found how to make proper commentary showing the board. /edit.


    I'm not at all good so don't take what I say as advice. I'm looking to learn, too tongue.png

    I don't know the theory behind this opening but I, too, would have been comfortable as black. White indeed seems to waste a lot of time on pawns instead of developing.


    One tactical idea that comes to mind from this position after move 37 is to sacrifice a rook at e1. After rook takes, knight takes, rook takes we can play a1Q+ and skewer recoup the rook on e1. But I don't think it's needed at all, I'd try to just play simple chess once you're that much ahead.

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    I don't really like what you did in the opening. If you want to neutralize the center just play 6...Qxd5, because it doesn't seem as if he can threaten you anyway. 7...Qe7+ was also a way out. The knight on d8 doesn't look so hot. It made Nd5 very hard to prevent and you had to play on with doubled pawns. Your opponent undoubled them, but that was really careless. I agree 17...Nd4 was better, then Rfe8 or even the more complicated Rad8-d7-Rfd8 to remove the knight with a bang. Getting close to the end: 28...Nd4+ was winning easily. 37...Ra8 or 37...Rb7, and if the white rook is on c1, 38...b2! looks a lot better even than a2. Threat is of course a2 and if Kxc2 then bxc1 and a2 are both horrible.

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    Not only did you miss 5. Nxe4, but 28. Nd4+ also wins. If he doesnt take the knight he will lose his knight, and if he takes the knight then he loses his rook on c1, you will have more active and better coordinating pieces, and be up two pawns and an exchhange, should be no problem winning that. Also, a1=Q+ was a fatal blunder, your pawns not being connected and giving up one rook means you will no longer have the firepower to promote the pawn successfully. Instead, 38. Rba8 is again simply winning on the spot. He cannot take on b6 or else you queen winning a full rook, and so he is forced to give up an exchange with Ra1 and then you can protect your b6 pawn and walk your king up the board to win easily as well. This was simply a matter of extremely sloppy technique and missing easy winning chances. When you have an advantage you must understand that there is still chess left to be played and you still have to finsih the game. Artur Yusupov has said that when you have an advantage that's when you should be more focused if anything, not less

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    thanks for the replies guys I will work through them in detail. Still not seeing this Nxe4 idea that two people seem to think is blindingly obvious. All I see is a lost knight with no compensation!

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    [Result "*"]
    [ECO "C22"]
    [Opening "Centre game"]



    I wouldn't worry about it. I think they have it confused with the Damiano opening with an extra pawn on the board.


    1. e4 e5 2. d4 exd4 3. Qxd4 Nc6 4. Qd1 Nf6 5. f3 Nxe4 6. fxe4

    [Maybe even this is playable: 6. Qe2 Qh4+ 7. g3
    Nd4 8. gxh4 Nxe2 9. fxe4 Nd4 10. Bd3]

    6... Qh4+ 7. g3 Qxe4+ 8. Qe2 Qxe2+ 9. Bxe2

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    Uttanka yes I wish I had seen 37 ...Rb7 at the time. Good suggestion.

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    There could have been something like this for you? I think one of the keys by 33 is not allowing any counterplay, it's just so much easier to attack then, when you don't have to worry about your king. 34. Ne4 was maybe too much to allow, and you could have simplified earlier?

    Anyway, nicely played.

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    On move 38 you didn't have to promote... (I think) A Rb7 and you still have an advantage.(I think)

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    Oops you already said that in your analyses Sorry.

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    IroZebel thanks for your input and diagram.

    Even better than your continuation, 33 ... b3+ 34 Kxb3 Rb8+ 35 Ka2 Rb2#

    It seems there were so many possibilities to win this one. 

    In future I am not going to get too hung up on throwing away blitz games.

    I feel sure if this was a 30/30 or daily game I'd have done better happy.png

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    You are correct, there is a mate indeed. Spoiled for choice happy.png.


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