Back rank issues


In a lot of my games I always have issues about when to create space for my king. I always overlook it during play and it comes back to bite me in endgames.

Here is an example where I missed an opportunity to make space and it cost me. I also enjoy posting the occasional game because hearing others feedback improves my game.


I have the same problems. Here is a game where I'm white and leading until the blunder. I always mean to clear a space, but never get around to it sometimes until it's too late. Just one of those things that you have to purposefully to. Put it on a checklist to clear space for the king.


@Villayer, I think 25.Rc5 wasn't terrible mistake, as 26.Rc1 is ok as you showed in your line. 26.Bc1? was the mistake. 

I think your main problem in this game is that you didn't see Rb1+ and then didn't see or incorrectly evaluated Rc1. My best advice for that is to try and look at every check and capture that your opponent has if you play a cetain move (easier said than done, of course). Also, if there are only a small number of moves, try to calculate the results of every move.

However, having luft, or air, around your king isn't always good, as it makes it easier to attack. Usually it's a good idea in endgames, but not middlegames where you are castled on opposite sides. (If you play h3, your opponent could push their g-pawn to g4 and pry open your king)