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Beginner player's game.

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    I'm an beginner player that has never won a game apart from last night. I would like help on what I did wrong and even what I did right. It would be very helpful. Thanks!
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    15. Qh5#

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    Perhaps you should decide which opening you would like to play instead of trying out a few.  Personally, I like Queen's pawn, but I have played King's pawn for seven years before switching to Queen's pawn.  You should also look at the entire position instead of just focusing on one thing.  If I am not mistake, 15. Qh5 is checkmate, so you need to look out for that stuff.  Congrats on winning your first game, though.

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    I think you should study openings and do tactics

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    I have a few comments. Move 13 after you moved Nf4, why did he not move his bishop? He freely gave this piece away.

    Move 18, taking the Knight with the Bishop was really handing this game over to you (if the first bishop he lost was not). Either he wasn't paying attention or your knight intimidated him too much.

    The two piece sacrifice for the queen really wan't all that much of a sacrifice for you, based on the previous moves. You really came out on top with this take. His black square bishop is now nearly useless with out the white square bishop or the queen, so in essence, you took down a load of pieces.

    I'm curious as to why he did not take your rook when you moved to d1 on move 20. I know he has the pawn advanced this far this early, but at this point, with his queen gone, he has to get rid of pieces for free as much as he can.

    Move 28, should have been Qa3#. That would have ended the game right there, but lets press on.

    No need to comment on 33. It happens to the best of us ;)

    His pawn promotion was stupid and weak.

    Move 41, he blocked your check, but you should have moved Rd6#.  Another opportunity to win the game.

    No idea why you brought your bishop all the way to a3, but its a retreat I suppose.

    Pushing the pawn in 56 was just one of those "nothing else to do" moves.

    Overall mate, not entirely terrible but always try to see if there is a way you can end the game at that moment. Good luck in your future games!

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    Quite right about move 15, missed that potential #.

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    I think that beginners should focus on tactics (my downfall) more than anything else.  If one gets better at tactics, then one may then begin to look into setting up tactics and spotting tactics without being told that tactics are present in a situation.

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    Thanks for all the help! :)

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    No problem.  That's why we have forums like this, so we can all assist each other.  The way I see it, it's not about being strictly competitive, but also to have a learning community for the chess players to better their own and each other's play.


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