Bertin Gambit


I am fascinated with this wild and crazy gambit. I would like for you to share what you think Black's best course of action would be. Please pardon me if I don't write in Chessese; I've been playing chess off and on for 30 years, but I've never had any formal training. I think that's why this gambit is so fascinating to me.


I like playing this gambit too. I'll tell you why. First, not many people are familiar with it; second, White appears to be at a serious disadvantge and Black usually tries to make something happen out of nothing; third, since not many people even play the Cunningham (the Bertin is a variation of the Cunningham, developed arount 1735) it's a break from the usual King Gambits.


Here's a Bertin Gambit played by our own Bill Wall waaaaay back in 1981. Black's reply seems to be main-line, but I don't know for certain.























Here is one played by my dear Paul Morphy against the ever-tricky Henry Bird.  Paul, who is playing 5 Masters simultaneously, takes wild chances in this game and goes into a winning endgame.