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Best Game in history- Try and find a Blunder

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    Finally this thread is back. BUMP!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hey letsgohome: Unfortunately, because of your untimely ban, you couldn't be nominated for the Oct. 2013 Chess.com Troll of the Month contest (look under my threads for more info). However, if u keep up the good work, I'd say that u definitely have a shot at winning the November contest. Nominations start on Nov. 15, so get ready!

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    JMB2010 wrote:

    Lol, I can't go a move without finding a blunder.

    lol !

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    Uh oh, this guy again?

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    JMB2010 escribió:

    Uh oh, this guy again?

    I can see that you're still scared of him

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    Wow, I just read through this thread. Some serious trolling went around here.


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