Blast from the past



Great game and well earned game of the year for USCF Postal 1991!  I end up in this line frequently on white when i play the Veresov and people convert to the French.  I have been playing 6. Bc1 as opposed to 6.bd2.  they both have their advantages disadvantages.  Not sure which is better.


Yes, cool game.

An interesting thing happened while I played through the game. I missed the 1991 Golden Knights title, and so when I got to the middlegame moves I couldn't really follow, it sort of looks like a total patzer game. But I had the feeling that it was instead actually a super-GM game.

Because in a sense both of those categories of games produce unintelligible moves. Players at my level don't make such moves.


Ozzie,  Not sure if your criticizing or complimenting but this was game of the year for GN for 1991 ( not sure what year it was in chess life exactly but its in there) under 2200 level. Matt's game made chess life and Rave Blood can be found in some older databases.   


The first 14 moves or so are all known.  My "novelty" was 14. Kc1 (other people have moved the king to other squares)  Of course this was all before databases.  18. gxf5 was really the !! move that makes the game interesting; giving up a knight and a rook "just" for a passed pawn.  But actually after he accepts them both (he can take one then decline the other if I recall) then after 20 f6 I am won.  Note: if 23 Kf7? (instead of Kd7) then Qg3! leads to mate.