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    I'm going to post some partial games here to examine the propensity of players to blunder at various phases of the game. No player in these games is rated under 1800 USCF, and these were all played at standard time controls of at least 40 minutes per player.

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    Here is another game that has several blunders:

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    No one blunders like this against me :(    

    This happen at north shore?  

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    The second one did.

    Your opening choice makes it difficult for your opponents to blunder :-p

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    well I am experimenting (or atleast going to make an attempt) with everything now.  I read some article on uscf webpage a long time back and it said that some guy got to master by being exposed to variety of positions and learning different plans and ideas.  I already made repertoire files on everything in chessbase.  Just need to learn them better now.

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    These players were a bit lower-rated. I'll post two puzzles:

    Black's rating: 1700

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    White's rating: 1686


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