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Bxf7 in the king's gambit

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    Reading Gary Lane's The Bishop's opening explained, I saw there was an easy way to transpose into the King's Gambit Declined. The first game of the Vienna Options chapter, (King's Gambit Declined) gave this line: 

    Actually, Lane didn't discuss that sacrifice quite as much as I would like him to. Sure, it obviously presents attacking play (central pawn storm), but I wouldn't want to lose a bishop to a 1400+ unless I was sure I would have equall compensation. 
    Gary Lane did give the lines if the bishop was accepted but, I didn't understand the ideas behind it.
    Can you give me a basic idea of the plans for both white and black after Bxf7?
    Last but not least, feel free to post games you've play with a Bxf7 sacrifice in similar positions.  If you want to learn more about the line, here's a link.
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    Here are a few high level thoughts for you...

     I'd much rather be white after Bxf7+.  Black's king is stuck on the soon to be open f-file.  White has a huge initiative on the kingside with plenty of space for all his major pieces to jump right into the attack.  Also there is, of course, the impending O-O+ which is a brutal developing move with tempo.  Also white has a huge pawn majority in the center.  These things are white's compensation, and it is more than adequate.  In general, even without calculating every possible variation, this is clear.  Think of it in terms of all the tactics on the kingside will favor white.  It will not be hard for white to put together a strong attack. 

    After 13...Nc6,  something like 14.e6+ Kxe6 15.Qg4+. 

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    after Bg4 i dont think u should take the knight on f3. should probably continue play Be6 if whites play h3. 

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