Bxf7 in the king's gambit


Reading Gary Lane's The Bishop's opening explained, I saw there was an easy way to transpose into the King's Gambit Declined. The first game of the Vienna Options chapter, (King's Gambit Declined) gave this line: 

Actually, Lane didn't discuss that sacrifice quite as much as I would like him to. Sure, it obviously presents attacking play (central pawn storm), but I wouldn't want to lose a bishop to a 1400+ unless I was sure I would have equall compensation. 
Gary Lane did give the lines if the bishop was accepted but, I didn't understand the ideas behind it.
Can you give me a basic idea of the plans for both white and black after Bxf7?
Last but not least, feel free to post games you've play with a Bxf7 sacrifice in similar positions.  If you want to learn more about the line, here's a link.

after Bg4 i dont think u should take the knight on f3. should probably continue play Be6 if whites play h3.