Chess Analysis.


Hello, I played this game and decided to get an analysis on here. Please contribute your thoughts. 


The trade of the knight and bishop for the rook and pawn is considered bad. In simple terms, you would need to get a rook and two pawns to justify the trade.

You can look at close to 3,000 master games in the explorer database with the same position you had after move 5. Not a single one played 6 Ng5.



It was all downhill from there. 12 Nc3 was not your losing move.  

What was the move that cost me the game. Was it where I failed to protect my kings diagonal?
ito_san4 wrote:
What was the move that cost me the game. Was it where I failed to protect my kings diagonal?

Giving up a queen instead of losing the exchange was probably the biggest mistake.


Hi there. 

I agree with notmtwain, you did not have to play 6. Ng5. Simple development like 6.Nc3 would have been fine. 

9.f4?! was overly aggressive when you still have not completed development. Nc3 would have been okay here as well. 

Instead of 14.h3?!, I would have given some thought to Ne4, with a c3 or h3 follow up. 

Instead of 15. Kh2??, 15.Rxf2 would have been fine. You would have been down the exchange, but not completely lost. There is still plenty of fight left in the position, you need to develop pieces. 

It seems to be an overarching idea. I see that you want to attack. Before you can attack, you must have some pieces actually supporting your attack. The same thing with unnecessary pawn moves like 9.f4. You need to develop first before you can push. 

In order to fix this, I would suggest studying Mikhail Tal vs. Wolfgang Uhlmann Moscow1971, round 6. 

Or learn how to play the Giuoco Pianissimo, and study Kramnik and his ideas. 


Hope I helped. 


Thanks, when you mean study, do you mean analyse there games and what do you mean study Kramnik and his ideas?

I mean analyze their games. 

You look at a database and search up the player. has a pretty okay database. 

I mostly use

Kramnik and the Giuoco Pianissmio:

The link has a whole page of games where he plays similar positions to your opening position. (First couple moves)

Basically analyze master games. There are also great youtube channels like ChessNetwork, Kingscrusher, Simon Williams, John Bartholomew, MatoJelic, Suren,etc,etc



Ok, I did an analysis and posted it. Can you check it for me? If you have the time.


10. fxe5 definitely not bad, problem is you didn't follow up.

Whole point of trading B+N for R would be to challenge his king safety, 11. exd5 only wastes a tempo and makes your own king vulnerable

After 10...Nxe5 you could play 11. Qh5+, attacking the king and the e5 knight

After 11...Ke6 12. Qf5+ there are plenty of pitfalls for black and you have a good, sharp game

No idea how I got to this page but was frustrated no one saw 11. Qh5+ so had to post grin.png