Cool chess game!

Hey, I'm posting my first game on this forum. Anyways it's a game I played
last night at the I would really appreciate if you guys could tell me what I did wrong and could do better. Thanks!

I'm only a beginner in Chess, but I would have made a change to moves 15 - 17. 

Although a Knight may look like a more versatile piece in a game of chess, I would favor a Rook anytime. So instead of 16... Rxc3, I would've played, Nxc3. Whether the opponent decides to lose a Rook for a Knight is totally up to the opposition, but either way, you have more end-game piece set. 

Like I said, I'm only a beginner but that is what I probably would've done. 


i think is game is good example of when not to play h6

white would have very good postion after 4. e4?!

better is Nf6 right away Bg5 is not a huge threat


Hello Mjo,

Some things to think about.

1. h6!? is slightly dubious, it results in a loss of tempo. You should've played Nf6 like eaglex said. The main point in the opening is to develop your pieces.

2.On move nine, you played Qa5+. This isn't a bad thing to do, but it's dangerous to move your Queen out ahead of time. A good rule of thumb is not to move your Queen farther than the third rank until the twentieth or so move. If the middle is wide open and the King is exposed, or you see a great combination, go for it! But to deliver a check that can anyway be blocked by a bishop, it is kind of risky. But anyway, in your case you won, so I guess it's okay.

Nice job!

Hope I helped.