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Crazy position

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    This position isn't exact, but the material is. I just want to know, who do you think has the advantage here. It's a position that is pretty insane. I think white has an advantage because I think he can hold off the black kingside pawns long enough with his 2 rooks and bishop so white can push his 3 kingside pawns all the way up. What do you think?

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    Yes, agreed, White has a considerable advantage:

    Houdini 2.0c:

     +1.77 1. Kb1 h4 2. Rg4 Kc7 3. a4 Qh5 4. Be2 Qe5 5. Bf3 h3 6. Rh1 h2 7. Rg2 Qf4 8. Bd5 g5 9. b3 g4 10. Rgxh2 g3 11. Re2 e6 12. Bc4 Qg5 13. Rg1 f5 14. Rxe6 f4 15. Bd3 Qc5 16. Rg2 Qh5 17. Re1 Qg5 18. Be4 Qe5 19. Ree2 Qh5 20. Rd2 Qe5 (depth 26)

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    Houdini knows what it's talking about. Just by looking at the position, three pieces against one is too much for black to be able to put up much of a fight.

    Is this a real game position, or made up?

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    White has a the advantage here.  I have to agree with both of the above comments......

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    Well, if Queen is worth 9 points, pawn is 1 point each, Rook 5 points each, and Bishop 3 points, then we have:

    White = 3x1 + 3 + 2x5 = 16

    Black =  9 + 5x1 = 14

    So, White is ahead of two points with material.

    Is there any positional compensation for that two points less for Black?

    If Black could attack with his pawn first, there would. If they were unstopable, i mean. But are they?

    Rather not, because Black King is exposed. He can not help in time. After Re1 White seems to has strong attack. Attacking with h-pawn needs help from g-pawn, so it will not be fast enough, I think.

    That is all i can say.

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    This is a position that I was in while playing a casual game with one of my team mates.


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