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Here's a Deep Computer Analysis of one of my games. Hopefully it will be interesting to non-paying members if they wonder what a Deep Analysis looks like, compared to the basic analysis offered for free. Also, I'd welcome any comments on the game!


I'm new to the King's Gambit opening, so was rather pleased to win this game against a higher ranked player. Is it generally a good opening to play? King's Gambit Accepted has a reputation for providing good options for White unless Black is very careful. 3. ..Bc5 seems a natural move for black, but the computer doesn't like it! I guess the problem is that it comes under immediate attack from 4. d4 and hence loses a tempo?


Why is 7. Bd3 better than 7.Qd2? Black can take my N and create doubled pawn on the c file. Is that OK because doubling the pawns helps build a strong centre? Ach! Just seen it! 7. ... NxP means no 8. NXN because then Q is left open to capture. So it must needs be 7. Bd3.


Is 9. Qe3 better? I thought wandering off to take pawns was generally thought to be bad. To mne, it seems to far more positive to ping the N down the e file.

11. g4 I'm pleased the computer liked this. I just watched the latest Video where Kasparov's opponent "destabilised" a piece by attacking the opponent's supporting pawn in a gambit attack. (If PxP I was then planning c4 and another gambit   Would that have been sane? My opponent castled instead .)


21. Bxh6 - I though I was being clever but computer says Blunder!  In retrospect Be5 doe look betteer...


27. Computer say my best move was a Q sacrifice! Can you see why? Computer is not saying. Also after my Blunder my opponent had a mate in 8 (good luck spotting that...)

29. "29. Rxb1 (Mate in 1 → Mate in 1) Missed mate." Can computers gloat? Did it have to say if three times with a tone of derision?... Look his Queen was hanging, what would you do?...


 Kings Gambit used to be quite a popular opening, since it sacrifices white‘s f-pawn in return for quicker development. Gameplay can be sharp and aggressive especially since the f-file is clear (deadly with rooks). However, recently top players tend to refrain from playing the King‘s Gambit because the sacrifice of the f-pawn is said to be too loosening. I play a lot of gambits (My username is MonarchialGambit happy.png) and kings gambit is solid at every level except for master level. I would also recommend playing Ruy Lopez especially if you are aggressive since it leads to quick and sharp gameplay. But by all means play kings gambit. On the otherhand, if you are looking for the best gambit, that would be the Evans gambit which is tactically the most solid gambit around... Kasparov has played several games using it and come out victorious.


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And what effect does that have on you?

MonarchialGambit wrote:

And what effect does that have on you?


Missed mate in one on move 29..

I rarely use the deep analysis. I check my blunders and move on. I probably should study my losses more closely using the deep analysis.