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Down to 750 Elo and STILL losing! T_T

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    Chess is a game of patterns and relationships recognition.

    An example: In the second game, your opponent allowed you to have a clear game plan after move 6. That game had a fixed pawn structure where both white and black have typical plans. The fact that white used a tempo with 5. Be3 and that black's Bishop is at f5, makes that position an advatageous one for black. What you should try to do is think in advance how to combine your pieces against key targets, forcing your opponent to waste "tempos" defending rather than forcing you to take defensive measures.

    Following that game after move 6, Black's plan is to tie white to the defense of d4, e5, c2 and b2. White usually tries to break with f4-f5 as fast as he can, then you see it was wrong of him to allow Bf5. In this specific game, Black's follow-up should be Qb6 and Rc8, threatening d4 and to invade the "c" column with Nb4. While forcing white to defend, black can increase the preasure with the following setup: Nge7, Bg6, Be7, 0-0 and Nf5 followed by Pf6.

    As you can see, is all about combining your pieces, the more you can combine the merrier. Then it becomes clear that you don't want to change the structure of the pawns in the centre before you have the piece setup you want, nor change pieces too soon without getting and advantage from it. Basically, that's a game's plan.

    So, no, Pf6 doesn't follow a plan but an heuristic rule: to exchange a flank pawn for a center one. See, in both games, that you're trying to do is to combine the action of 2 or 3 pieces every now and then, and when your rival takes the appropiate measures, your pieces are left scattered all over the board. If you like to use heuristic rules as a guide, then build strengh before commiting to something, and don't think that because you're attacking your rival has to defend... he can ignore your threats and attack you as well, so better keep your pieces defending each other.

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    FFS this thread is 10 months old.

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    cant offer you much advice because its been 6 months since someone has posted but just play higher rated players u might lose u might win but u will certainly gain some experience ive gained a couple rating points not many. Also study some openings u would like to play and im sorry if im repeating what some people are saying but its helped me and ive gained a couple hundred rating points

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    i think you should learn how the pieces act and watch some beginner videos

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    I think this game was also too fast. Try something like 15 | 10.

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