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Drawn Position?

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    Here is a game where I played black.  The position looked even to me, so I offered a draw and the opponent accepted.  How could either side manage a breakthrough?  Would it be easy?  It was white to move, and my last move was ...Kf6.



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    It is not drawn. White could play for win after a5 or b4. The black pawns seem to be weak. I would play b4-b5-a5 in this position, if black takes to b4, then Rook b1, and white wins easily.

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    White should win with a5! Black has two sets of doubled pawns and poor rook mobility.

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    This postion is awkward. THe breakthrough with a5 is an idea but he can just play Ra8. Then if he captures first your double pawns are gone and second the A file is opened up. still looks like a draw though. If you don't mind me by asking how did you guys even trade off pieces?

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    Chessking, since you are interested, here is the entire game .pgn (unannotated.  Started out with the Four Knights game.  I agree that it is an awkward position.

    Feel free to comment on any part of the game if you want,

    Cheers, Becky

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    Looks to me like black has the chance to win with h5 after a5.

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    I still believe a5  will win in time. a5, g5+ and take the free pawn or possibly even a6 at that point. A5, Ra8 and free pawn.


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