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Empire City Open 2012

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    In Round 3, I feel like 36. Rb8 a6 37. Ra8 wins the a-pawn and is better for White.

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    In Round 1, 29. ...Rc2!? 30. Kg1 Rxb2 31. Rxd7 Rxd7 32. Rxd7 Rxa2 looks like an interesting try for Black; he exchanges the Bishop for consecutive Queenside passers, while also trapping White's King on the 1st.

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    @ mikeploch7

    I agree with your comments on round 3. 

    As far as the round 1 comments, it looks like it will work, but this was a shorter time control and I wasn't going to muddy the waters without having things calculated. I think my play just keeps it simplest.

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    That's fair. I forgot about the shorter time control.

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