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I kindly request all the dear members of this forum to please analyze this game for any kind of engine assistance or cheating. One player has accused another player of cheating due to high accuracy and high number of moves matching with engine.  Please do lets us know what is fact

[game link removed, public accusations not allowed -- VP]



First of all, high accuracy doesn't mean anything at the lower rated games. That's like saying 2+2=4. Yes you are correct, and if you say 3+3=6 your accuracy goes up. But you are simply solving simple problems.


That is what we see here in the game. White made mistakes and black made sensible replies to get the advantage. It started with 7. Nf5. It's better to play Nb3 or bring it back to f3. Then white gave the center away which further gave black a winning position. 


I would say 12...Bb4+ is evidence a human was making a human move. Black didn't realize their queen was in the center unprotected. So 13...dxc3 couldn't be played. 


i was the other player and I have talked with him and i was not cheating



I mean I have talked with my opponent



Yes "The-TAL-Move" the other player has agreed there was no cheating in the game. I have requested him to post the same on your wall has a courtesy.


ok good.



~in before the lock~


Go play some another game, like RTS,MOBA or FPS or do some outdoor activity... its more fun than turn based game.


Some times it is like engine plays double moves like the engine played Kxc6 and what happens next is that the move goes back in 0.3 seconds. In my settings, I have allowed myself to play premoves. So, when the move goes back and I try to play a move( I do this because I see that my time is running ), it becomes a premove and then I have to forcefully resign. That is my complaint on engines. This happened when I played with @Aron-BOT .

arianna1999 wrote:

Yes "The-TAL-Move" the other player has agreed there was no cheating in the game. I have requested him to post the same on your wall has a courtesy.

In analysis it's not seen that I wrote above.👆


This is the third topic on this you have posted. One was locked, one was deleted. Now this is also locked.


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