Error-full Horrible Sacrifice : Please Let Me Learn


First of all, I am privileged to cheer all of Chess.Com members. I am more than 40 years old, with experience of playing chess almost regularly for two years around. In my childhood I played this game for few years with some of local men in my locality (14-18 years) but later on discontinued as I got engaged in study. But from the beginning, I had a tendency to go for sacrifice to get something thrilling in the board. After joining Chess.Com, I started to grab all the free resources as much as I can. And yes, this is of-course too much exciting to spend time here, if any. Fortunately I have a week to get my leisure time from my work load. So I tried to play all variants, specially looked into rapid games - long time controlled games. Special pleasure comes for long time controlled games for players like me under all the above stated circumstances. So after playing some variants and some standard Bullets (games) and Blitz, I decided to play more and more Rapid games and Daily games. 

Here I post one of my Rapid game played almost a hour ago with many power sacrifice (Still then I am trying to complete this thread to be posted but found some problems to paste the game - the technique - now the method is clear) not to show you the mastery (please note that I am almost beginner according to the scenario) rather I will be highly glad to know the detailed analysis as I am enlisted here as a free member. I am remembering my old days and for few days I love to be an aspiring chess player (since my incoming workload can cut off my desire though I am determined that at least for half an hour I will spend my times here but never trust it happy.png , so there is no chance for mine to become a dedicated user here), therefore I am having keen interest to get different analysis of the the game, posted here, from many experienced players at Chess.Com. I am looking for human feedback, analyzed from different angles, not computer analysis.

In nutshell, I love to get a human analysis on the game. Did I dare correctly to play such moves against my opponent?


Happy New Year 2020 to all of you and your family members. Stay tuned with all the up-comings in life. Life is nothing but wavy ocean with so many desirable outcomes and not. But we are Chess Players to combat. Love and respect. 


B01 Scandinavian (centre counter) defence
In rapid Mr Carlsen has been playing:
1. e4 d5 2. exd Qxd 3. Nc3 Qd6

By 6. Bg5 the game is out of [club level] book
Now me I would start to play draughts/checkers at 7. ...
that is 7. ... b6 8. b4 a5 as the method for undermining white's queen side
over extended push.

14. ... Nxc5
I must say I would play ... Nf8,Ne6,Nxd4 and assuming white has played Nb1 to f3
the final Bxc5 would be pinning the knight.
But I do see this is good for black.

16. ... Bf2 (covers g3) 17. Re2 (say) Rxh2+ 18. KxR Rh8+ 19. Bh4 RxBh4#

16. ... Bf2 17. h3 BxR 18. QxB Rde8 (out of pin, tempo)

Where BB v RPP is better for black, a passed d-pawn
while white still has NR on their starting squares

20. Bxg6
I guess white has seen that 20. Bh4 Qxf4+ 21. Ke2 Qe3+ 22. Kf1 Ng3+ 23. BxN Rh1#
It is very hard to see the right move which is 20. Qc1 to defend f4 (took me minutes).

Since this is a rapid game I guess it is the case to be forgiving of an unsound rook sacrifice
since it was so easy to slip up.
White totally missed QBN is plenty material to mate an exposed king.

Rat1960 wrote:

It is very hard to see the right move which is 20. Qc1 to defend f4 (took me minutes).


Sometimes you have to squint to read the printout! grin.png


Ghost, It is a AND thing, attack undefended pieces along with defend from the mate.
I know like me you can look four moves deep.
The alternative is having Magnus on speed dial but at the moment he is busy drawing at Tata Steel.


Honestly, I like the instinct to look at this sacrifice even if it isn't technically sound if you don't spot 16. . . . bf2 as Rat suggests.  Even without spotting that, its a reasonable sacrifice to make in a rapid game.


Respected @Rat1960, @ghost_of_pushwood, @ArtNJ - I love to see that you have looked into this with great attention. My heartiest gratitude. 


Why do I get the feeling AND is some kinda goofy acronym? happy.png