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Find winning move vs 2200Houdini Engine

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    Puzzle  Black to move ...  and Win!


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    Whoa, it's deja vu all over again!

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    hint --break down wall

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    Considering that White has voluntarily immolated his rook...who really cares?

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    59. .... b6 looks obvious. Black will effectively playing two Rooks versus one (one White Rook being trapped on g5).


    p.s. 59. ... b5 ia also a possibility. Some calculation is required, after all.

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    Well, it's either that or ... b5 (lol)

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    Where can you buy a slominski jerry engine? The houdini is easy to find, but this one...

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    Still, might be worth the effort (at least the Slominski keeps its rooks free).

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    Houdini  3 website  Cost50   Facebook has  a link to buy

    set to  any personal rating


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    And you can get a Slominski there?

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    rxr,pxr,ra8--pick off b.p and a/b pawn push? 

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    Even strongest computers have  a hard time  here  understanding ???/ Comp rb1b3     eval 0.27  try set it up on you own pc !! at 3000 level declares dead draw   HUMAN WON HANDILY !


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    11. g3? Are you sure Houdini did that?

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    The strength reduction is mostly based on a combination of two techniques:-protocol compliant version of Strength parameter.

    Limiting the number of positions searched - this reduces mostly the tactical strength of the engine;
    Purposely picking a move the engine knows is not optimal - this reduces mostly the positional strength of the engine.

    The combination of the two produces a game with both tactical and strategic (positional) flaws.


    The following table shows the estimated Elo of Houdini at reduced Strength levels. It is based on the feed-back of several users:


    Strength  0 => 1200 Elo
    Strength 10 => 1500 Elo
    Strength 20 => 1800 Elo
    Strength 30 => 2000 Elo
    Strength 50 => 2300 Elo


    What is the highest strength level that you can consistently beat?


    UCI-protocol compliant version of Strength parameter.

    Default 3000, min 1200, max 3000.


    Internally the UCI_Elo value will be converted to a Strength value according to the table given above.

    The UCI_Elo feature is controlled by the chess GUI, and usually doesn't appear in the configuration window.


    UCI_LimitStrength (checkbox)

    Activate the strength limit specified in the UCI_Elo parameter.

    This feature is controlled by the chess GUI, and usually doesn't appear in the configuration window

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    Wow, that sounded really scientific.


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