Four Knights and Attacking on Both Sides

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    I played this game with a friend. We didn't finsish this game but we thought it was really interesting!


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    8...Qe7 (?) "I wanted to play ...Nh5" : Why do you want to play a move that places your knight on the rim ? And how does ...Qe7 help you to do that ? ...a6 or ...Be6 or ...Bg4 all look less time-wasting.

    18...Rad8 ? loses a tempo by fear of ghosts. Simply be ready to answer the not-so-frightening Na5 by ...Rab8, and play ...h5.


    But as for the rest, a very good game.

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    Thanks for reading! I wanted to play Nh5-f4 but if I play 8...Nh5 first White could play 9.Nxe5.

    I also thought about trying to attack with the h-pawn instead of a rook but I couldn't figure out how to do it. Can you explain how to attack with the g and h pawns?

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    Play the pawns to h4 and g4, and set up the pieces so g3 is a !! with mate in 5, involving double queen sacrifice and a mate with a knight.

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    Ok thanks for the advice!

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