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Four Knights and Attacking on Both Sides

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    I played this game with a friend. We didn't finsish this game but we thought it was really interesting!


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    8...Qe7 (?) "I wanted to play ...Nh5" : Why do you want to play a move that places your knight on the rim ? And how does ...Qe7 help you to do that ? ...a6 or ...Be6 or ...Bg4 all look less time-wasting.

    18...Rad8 ? loses a tempo by fear of ghosts. Simply be ready to answer the not-so-frightening Na5 by ...Rab8, and play ...h5.


    But as for the rest, a very good game.

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    Thanks for reading! I wanted to play Nh5-f4 but if I play 8...Nh5 first White could play 9.Nxe5.

    I also thought about trying to attack with the h-pawn instead of a rook but I couldn't figure out how to do it. Can you explain how to attack with the g and h pawns?

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    Play the pawns to h4 and g4, and set up the pieces so g3 is a !! with mate in 5, involving double queen sacrifice and a mate with a knight.

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    You should not borrow ideas from other positions and apply them in not appropriate situations.

    Here, your Metger unpin manouvre (Qe7, Nd8-e6) makes no sense at all: Your f6 knight is not pinned, the d4 square is not a potential target for the knight.

    So, simply 8...Ne7 (there are no Bxf6 things now to spoil your king shield) followed by ...Ng6, and potentially ...c6 and ...d5 at some time.

    Of course your opponents 9.Bg5?! justified this plan, and in any case 8...Qe7 is not terribly usewful, but not a bad move either. And in any case, it DOES help Black to play ...Nh5, which else could be answered by Nxe5, as the OP already metnioned. But the problem is that the whole Nh5-f4 idea is questionable without firm control of the f4 square, hence ...Ne7-g6 first makes more sense.

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    Ok thanks for the advice!


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