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four queens or a set?

  • #1

    I was just wondering, which woul be better, four queen and a king or the full house. I think it would be the full set because you could do pins and forks but i'm not sure.
  • #2

    with the move 1.) Qxf7, i think white would have a huge advantage everytime even thought its a sacrifice

  • #3

    Well, queens are best when there aren't many pieces or pawns on the board... so I would have to say the set.  Add that to the fact that, using the traditional material-counting method, the set has more material value, too.

  • #4

    How about moves like 1. Qh5 or 1. Qd5 or 1. Qgf2 or 1. Qdf3, these moves all begin straight away by forcing your opponent into playing things to avoid mate.

  • #5

    Er, strange question there. I was just wondering if White had a forced mate from the start. What about 1. Qgf2. If Nh6, Qxh6, so that's no defence. 1...f6 or 1...d6 seem to work though, when I think White would be in quite a lot trouble with such an exposed king.

  • #6

    I think black could probably solidify after Qxf7 Kxf7 (maybe I'll run it through chessmaster to make sure).

  • #7

    I'm pretty sure Black can defend quite easily and win after 1. Qxf7+. 1. Qd5 and 1. Qh5 both lose a tempo, so probably lose as well, while 1. Qdf3 allows the 1...Nh6 defence.

  • #8

    Well, chessmaster is hesitantly saying that white has mate in nine.  I'm doing a longer analysis now.

  • #9

    CM says 4 queens, setted up like this, have forced mate in 10.. So I suppose 4 queens are better 

  • #10

    Looks like mate in 10 for white.

  • #11

    lol funny question. Chessmaster shows a mate in 10, but what is interesting is that it takes 2 sacrifices, not just one!
  • #12

    there as so many other things black can do to avoid this, surely?

  • #13

    It's a forced mate in ten. Laughing

  • #14

    I'd take 4 sets and a queen!

  • #15

    Hmm, so much for my defence theory. How about if Black gets to move first?

  • #16

    according to chessmaster, if black were to move, either e6 or Nf6 would give it an advantage of about one pawn.


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