Funny Study In Trades


ajl721x wrote:

Ah, you think you think I am stupid then?


I think you can learn how to explain what you know better. There are many people who can solve problems or do procedures, but they have a hard time explaining to others for them to learn. 


I brought up an idea of inner pawns before outer pawns. sibi_90 stated, "if b1 knight is already on its way to kingside attack my first preference is c3"


This would help in evaluating positions, and I will take that into account next time I am faced with a similar position.

TryToGuessMyRating wrote: If we play a3 and Ba6, then why not axb4? And you may have found the line I was looking at before. Bxe2 and Re1 lands a 3 point evaluation after Bxf3 and gxf3. So, a3 is now back on the table.

Now you got your answer as 3 moves in the line 1.a3 Ba6 which ends in equal trade, now consider another continuation 1.c3 Ba6 2.Re1 (your pieces are safe while your opponent loses a Bishop), and the number of moves deep varies from one line to another. Also you have to be careful of back rank weaknesses too(in the given game) .