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Game analysis on a guicco piano attack I played.

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    I played black and lost, but I thought I was playing damn near perfectly for as much as a 1300's-1350's player could have.

    I realize that in the end game, I hang my queen (on move like 60), but the game had reached a losing position anyway after my attack had petered out. 

    I also ran this game through the chess.com engine, but I didn't really find it helpful. It listed my rook sac as good, but it didn't want to continue the assault on the king.

    I eventually got to an end game where it was two pawns a knight and a queen, vs my queen and 5 pawns. I was in a bad spot, and didnt really know how to continue, but I also was kind of put on the spot about trying to find out where my attack went wrong.


    Anyone lend me some advice?

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    Don't you think it's a bit of a stretch to call the Guicco Piano an attack?


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