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Game Analysis

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    analyze this (please)

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    [edit] sorry, I thought you were White. 3 ... exf4 is a mistake, read below

    Well, you made the 1st mistake, after 3 ... exf4 you have to play e5.

    Black is not really supposed to take the pawn. after 4. e5 the Knight has nowhere to go except back to the starting square, and White has a really nice lead in developement. One of My all time favourite games went like this:


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    ok what about the midgame?oh, and I am  black

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    This is not rly a game u shuld analize or remeber , just skip it. There are openings and players that  play for the traps in the openings and u fall for that and after that u had no chance 

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    I didnt fall anywhere

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    NKT73 wrote:

    NKT73, you are not really tactically strong enough for positional tips to make much difference.  For example, dropping a knight on move 20, entirely missing that the queen could take it.  The best advice I can give you is Chesstempo.com -- practice tactical problems there until you get your tactical rating there up to say 1200, then come back with a new game and get some positional advice.  If you are a member here, this site will work for tactical practice as well, but Chesstempo offers more for free then this site offers for free.  

    Hopefully, this is not offensive.  We all start sometime, many as adults; there is no shame in this and no offense is intended.  At your level, tactics is the best thing to practice.  

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    hello, like my rating say i'm no good^^

    but i saw an attack on the black queen if at the 10moove if white take with is rook    At the same time  check and the black queen is attack by the white bishop she only protected by the rook.

    So white can moove this rook if this rook check (without be taking by the black queen) white win the queen....but black can avoid this only play after 10rxf4 10....ke6 but loose the  f8 rook and lot of material

    I don't think that the black knigt and queen(if she still safe^^) have conter-play to win or egalize the lost of material and the king position (if white take care^^and no make mistake^^


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