Game Question


Well, first of all, this is my first attempt at replicating a game.  I was unable to figure out how to attach all of the moves that got us to this point.  However it is Black's move here and white resigned.  My next thought was to capture QxE5.  However he resigned.  I understand the resign, but then he said the following.  Being new here I was hoping someone could tell me what it meant.  

"speedyexchange2003: unreal, another loss to a low cal, count your blessings"

We had not even said hello.  After I capture E5 pawn I can understand the frustration / resign.  Possibly he had counter play w/out needing resign.  I thought I had lost the game earlier.  Thoughts on his comment and the position please.


What your opponent said is roughly "I can't believe I lost to a weak(er) player again, you got lucky". Basically being a bit of a sore loser.

About the position, 22...Qxe5 seems right. White's problems are the Queen trade (I don't like it, as although white seems more active, the knight and rook don't have much to do. It's a slow death, so maybe it's more logical.), the hanging knight on e2, the hanging pawn on b2, and generally being a piece down.

Personally, I would reject the Queen trade. Qb6 is an interesting trap, though black is still better if it is defended properly. Here's a short line, though I'm not that good, so I don't know if this is sound or if something could have been done better.



Your opponent was frustrated that he couldn't maintain his rating number higher than his abilities allow him to.

22... Qhe5 is the best move here. It wins material, and it also gets away the e5 pawn, so that you can later open the c8-h3 diagonal for the bishop. After the capture, you would have been 3 points ahead in material, so any equal exchange would have favored you.


Thanks guys.  I kinda figured he was taking a shot at my skills, but I'd just never heard someone be called "low cal" before.  How do I make it so that all of the moves show up?


In the "Insert position or game" menu you have to choose the second option, "Game or sequence of moves" and click "Continue". Then choose how to enter the starting position (in this case it's best to start with a blank chessboard, because you'll post an entire game), and click "Continue". Then set up the initial properties of the board, and click "Enter moves". After that you can enter game details, customize the board design and finally see a preview.

There's a more detailed manual at "".