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>>>Studying Chess Masters<<< Review Section 1.1

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    Welcome, Welcome! This is the grand opening of >>>Studying Chess Masters<<<! I hope you enjoy it. The masters we are studying today are R.Kasimdzhanov and G.Kasarov. They are playing in the Linares 2005 in this diagram. Enjoy!

    Next Masters, A.Dreev and L.Dominguez, will be studied on 11/27/12

    Thank You for joining! ☺

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    I love the way Kasparov didn't care about loosing material earlier in the game and gave up the exchange to get all of his forces to gang up on the f2 square.  It's amazing how effortless he makes it.

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    Yeah, First I was like, Why'd he do that?

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    So Kasimdzhanov resigned at this point?

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    I think so.

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    Its the e pawn that is advanced.

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    D4DevilX wrote:

    Its the e pawn that is advanced.

    What do you mean?

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    sengdao wrote:
    D4DevilX wrote:

    Its the e pawn that is advanced.

    What do you mean?

    Kasparov can get over in time to stop white's d pawn, and after that there is no good way to stop Kasparov from Queening his e pawn

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    Bxf5 Rxf5 and then Re8 but Rxd5 for black winning the d5 pawn and now black can plan to walk his king to c5 if necessary to support his pawns. Those pawns will also shield him from perpetual checks. All based on e3 pawn.

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    Not to mention the b pawn is falling soon too

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    Hey, anyone want to help me with the next one?

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    how about #30 qe6 +( if kg7,ra7+)qxq ,pxq,bh5,rd4,pe7,re4

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    eddysallin wrote:

    how about #30 qe6 +( if kg7,ra7+)qxq ,pxq,bh5,rd4,pe7,re4

    Your letting a bishop go and if the queen captures the queen and the pawn advances, black's rook can kill the pawn to a pulp. xD!

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    What about nigel short vs karpov game?

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    Not exactly the same position, but the b5 move by Kasparov was one in this game, where c5 was used as an outpost square, and black's pawns on light squares lead to a positional domination. Is it theory? I guess the difference is that Kasparov's knights are connected, which meant that the outpost can't be used by a knight.


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